Pearmund Black Ops Fifth Mission Red Blend

Pearmund Black Ops Fifth Mission Review

In todays review we are checking out Pearmund Cellars and their limited edition red blend call Black Ops Fifth Mission. There isn’t alot of background on this wine. So I reached out to Chris Pearmund, to get a little intel on this hush…hush blend they’ve been crafting over the last several years.

Like a captured solider during intense questioning and interrogation we couldn’t break Chris; he wouldn’t give up any details regarding the varietals used or blending information. They only thing he said was “try it and you’ll love it.”

So we tracked down a bottle at our local Taste Unlitmed here in Suffolk, VA. Then got down to the serious business of tasting. See our impressions and tasting notes below:

Black Ops Fifth Mission Tasting Notes

Black Ops Fifth Mission
Unknown Alc

Black Ops Fifth Mission

varietalRed Blend
Wine Daily Verdict
colorDeep Ruby
bodyMedium Dry
tasteSlightly Fruity
finishMedium Balanced

Tasting Notes

  • Beautiful deep ruby in color with medium legs.
  • On the nose a balanced aroma of dark fruit and clean earthiness.
  • Medium body / semi-dry wine with a soft mouthfeel.
  • Great tasting wine, slightly fruit-forward with notes of oak and earthiness.
  • Wine is balanced with a medium finish.

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A well balanced, medium bold, red blend that is slightly fruit-forward with notes of blackberry, currants, oak, and a pleasant earthiness.

This is a blend that will appeal to a wide audience of red wine lovers. Those that enjoy a slight fruit forwardness in their wines; to others that like some complexity via subtle oak and earthy characteristics.

Wine Daily Verdict

Great red blend with a slight fruit forward approach with balanced ruggedness coming from oak and earthy characters

This is a well-groomed red blend that creates a memorable experience in our eyes. It’s perfectly balanced with dark fruits, oak, and crushed rock/earthiness. We really enjoyed the flavor profile and aromas that came together in this wine. Pearmund Vineyards does such a great job with their wine and this is just another example of the care and effort they put into their craft.

Pearmund Black Ops is dedicated to our military troops and families. Each year there is a carefully, handcrafted, multi-vintage red blend that serves as the next version of Black Ops. These wines are sponsored and supported by the following programs and organizations that serve our Armed Forces: Code of Support Foundation | Wreaths Across America | USO

Well, that’s all for now you beautiful wine drinkers. If you are in the Broad Run area of Virginia, be sure to visit Pearmund Cellars for a first-hand experience of all their great wines. See you all on the next cork pop!

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