2016 Arrow Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Review By Wine Daily

Arrow Creek 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon Review

So we picked up this 2016 Arrow Creek Cabernet Sauvignon from our local Kroger Grocery store recently for about $8.00 dollars here in VA. I have to say these new Kroger Stores have really stepped up their game in the wine and beer department. They have a beer tasting section at our location, just not any wine…hint…hint!

Anyways this wine is bottled in Sonoma, California from our friends over at WinePress Vintners.  In our quest to find quality red wines under $10.00 this one peaked our interest. So we decided to give it a taste and see if it would make our list. Checkout our tasting card below and summary to see if 2016 Arrow Cabernet Sauvignon is worth a try:

Arrow Creek Cabernet Tasting Notes

Arrow Creek Cabernet
12.8% Alc

Arrow Creek Cabernet

Wine Daily Verdict
colorlight ruby
bodyMedium Dry
tastezesty spice
finishmedium slightly unbalance

Tasting Notes

  • Light ruby in color and is viscous, sticking to the glass.
  • A faint smell of blackberries with a bit of alcohol concentration.
  • Medium body / semi-dry wine with a firm mouthfeel.
  • Pleasant tasting wine, spice forward with a splash of dark fruits.
  • Wine is unbalanced and spikes with spicy notes with a medium finish.

Buy If You Like

A budget, semi-dry red wine under $10 that leads with spicy notes and light fruit concentration. Good choice for someone that likes a bolder red wine with a punch of spice and light berry flavors.

Wine Daily Verdict

Good wine with a spicy punch and light on the fruit side of things

This is a decent wine for the money. You could do a hell of lot worse let me tell you. The flavor was good but certainly zesty on the spice with minimal fruit on the palate. I really liked the fact that you get a decent wine here for under $10 that you could host a party with and not break the bank. I do wish there was a bit less spice and a bit more fruit on this one. Well, that’s all for now beautiful wine drinkers…till next time!

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