About Us

So what can we tell you…we love wine! Wine to us is an adventure, from visiting wineries and indulging in a weekend packed full of tastings. Walking through vineyards and admiring the beauty of the vine and surrounding landscapes. Forming new relationships with wine artists, makers, and craftsmen that all share the same common passion for the fruit. The enjoyment of wine is a never ending process of discovery, learning, and surprise in every bottle we open.   

At WineDaily, we are just average wine drinkers like you. Our goal is to provide visitors useful advice around everything related to wine and wine culture. Things like wine reviews, cool wine gadgets, simple wine pairings, interesting wine recipes, and wine mixers.

Beyond our love of wine, we realize it can be challenging and somewhat intimidating. The information we share via blogs, social media, or video is really straightforward. Just rock solid advice that the average wine drinking can use when purchasing a wine to fit their lifestyle, budget, or special event.

Are you ready? If so then pop that cork…pour a glass of your favorite red, white, or rosie and lets enjoy this crazy albeit wonderful journey together. We are so excited to share our passion for wine and hope it sparks something special in you as it did for us.

The Staff & Credo

Our team is a pretty small group of dedicated wine enthusiasts with varied skill sets “Marketers,Writers,IT/Developers” that allow us to deliver engaging content of all varieties on frequent basis. The site and concept was grown out of a late night wine social, discussing how frustrating it was to experience and get a sense of decent wines these days. You don’t really learn much from tasting notes or points because everyones palette differs.

So when we are reviewing a wine or related products, we’ll use language and terminology that everyone can grasp. Along with our wine ratings, we will also summarize what we like and don’t like about a wine and if we would purchase this one again down the road. Same goes for all of our content, the goal is simple/clear advice that can be used to drink, pair, open, and enjoy a bottle of wine.

Please contact us with any feedback or content suggestions you may have. This is a community driven project. Feedback and content ideas help us keep a proper pulse on what people what to experience.


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